About Feiss Motorsports

Feiss Motorsports is a Hemi-powered pulling team consisting of the husband and wife team of Todd & Tarry Feiss. Todd drives a three engine “Modified Tractor”, S’no Farmer Xtreme. Tarry drives a “Super Modified Two-Wheel Drive Truck”, Hoosier Avalanche. This season they will be adding an additional two/three engine “Modified Tractor”, Feissty Farmer, to the stable. Feiss Motorsports has been involved in the pulling community for the past 25 years at various levels of involvement, and has become a respected and well-known pulling team. S’no Farmer Xtreme has won over 50% of the events entered since ‘09 including televised events. Currently Feiss Motorsports competes at a high level on the NTPA Circuit, Region 2 (Indiana, Ohio, Michigan) Region 4 (North Carolina), Hoosier State Tractor Pullers, and the Ohio State Tractor Pullers Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League. Todd is on the NTPA Modified Tractor Class Rules Committee and he is also on the HSTPA Board of Directors. Tarry was voted by her peers as Ms. OSTPA in 2011.